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With decades of combined experience in the wireless sector, cutting-edge technology and electrical services, ClearLink Wireless Solutions has become an industry leader and innovator. Through hard work and superior quality we have quickly grown in size and clientele. Today, we serve some of the biggest and most demanding customers in a variety of applications.

Our knowledgeable and trained team executes every job with expertise and precision.
We offer a wide range of services including:

• Project Management
• Environmental Regulation and Procedures
• FAA and FCC Compliance
• Site Design and Implementation
• Construction
• Teardowns
• Microwave Path Installation and Alignment
• Welding and Custom Fabrication
• System Upgrades
• Routine Maintenance
• Sweep Testing
• Passive Intermodulation (PIM) Testing
• DAS Installations and Optimizations
• Fiber Optics Installation, Testing, and Repairs
• Electrical Design, Installations, and Repairs
• Network Designs, Installations, and Repairs
• Interference Analysis
• Emergency Services and Response
• Crane Services